Last weekend’s fundraiser was a real hit. Once again, Halifax has shown me a sense of community that I was yearning for. The Koconut Kings, The Barrowdowns, and Elephants in Trouble (who’s unsurmountable decimal level speak for the name) all made the night look shiny and bright. Many other individuals donated their time and supplies to bring awareness and funds to reachAbility, and though the list is too long to name, you know who you are. “A warm fuzzy feeling” was successfully created through generosity on all fronts. A mural made by many hands here, cool and collected, full of colour, evolved in our basement.

And remember, you have to go down into the basement some times in order to resurface into the light.

If you’re wondering, our preparations for the trip are going well. Life is a whirlwind for Aaron and I, and if you’ve been anxiously twiddling your thumbs waiting for a blog post, I’m sorry. Today was reachAbility’s fifteen year anniversary, and their office was bumpin’. Philip (facilitator of all things) had his office set up like a trail, and the faith and support in that room was flattering to say the least. Tova (CEO diamond in the rough) was doing everything at once with two pencils stuck in her pony tail like aristocratic Chinese hairpins. Later, on my way home from work, my coworker told me, as I explained my intentions for the summer, that she’d taken a course at reachAbility a few years back, and that it had really helped her.


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