That’s right laymen and gentlewomen, were having an outlaw themed party to gather support and awareness for raechAbility, in the name of all those facing adversity in our community.


All of you wonderful and eccentric land guzzlers, party ambassadors, bandits, hell hounds, seven river warriors, Captain Ingrams Partisan rangers, Buffalo Bill bunch, Three fingered Jacks, favors of unadorned Mexican sombrero, Robin Hood and Men in Tights, Sam Bass enthusiasts, Davy Jones Serpent Murderers, Angry Executioners, Eels of Hades, Fearful Privateers of the Saragasso Sea and the Scurvy Privateers are invited to a night of heart thumping, foot stomping, butt swaying, funtastic and honkin’ evening of breathtaking, heart guzzling, fever striking music, followed by murals, hot dogs and unbirdy burgs, face paints, finger paints, butt paints(at your own risk), sea saints and three dolla key chains all in the name of a great cause, our local NGO reachAbility, to warm the cockles of your cold, dead, murderous outlaw heart.


—— The Barrowdowns—— Diverse instrumentation and soaring five-part vocal harmonies characterize the unique alternative folk sound of Halifax-based band, The Barrowdowns. Born in a cold dark Albertan winter in 2014, the band is the brainchild of Halifax musicians Kendra Breen and Rowan Swain (both also of Halifax band, The Lucy Grays). Upon their move back to Nova Scotia, the duo joined up with veteran Halifax musicians Dave Fultz (Liars on Fire, Willie Stratton, and Second Band), Adam Martin (formerly of This Ship), and Neal Read (Liars on Fire) to create a unique brand of folk music that is both energetic and haunting. With gripping songs that stick with you long after the last chord has rung out, the The Barrowdowns create music that will keep you spellbound–even while you stomp your feet.

———–Koconut Kings ——The Koconut Kings are musical duo from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Taking Hawaiian Steel guitar music from the 1920’s and 30’s as their base, the Koconut Kings put their own spin on old and new standards and write original songs influenced by everything including the kitchen sink.

——-Elephants In Trouble– Elephants In Trouble, blend a mixture of poppy vocals with weird indie grooves, electronic dance vibes, rooted in Hip Hop and R&B. The vocals are very clean, catchy, and accessible. The drums are very punchy and beaty paired with warm and full synthy-bass. The guitar is a soundscape machine and a tasteful, heart breaking soul exploder. Along with Piano the live show comes together to create a sound reminiscent of those dreams of future music you’ve had. Lately they have been joined by Zora the Sultan and Matty Cowan. to bring even more hype to live show.

————–Isotonic ———– Our house DJ for the night, blessing us with his deep house madness. Combining his influences from throughout the electronic music spectrum, Isotonic tells a digital stories which are filled with moments of melodic mystery, lush soundscapes and groovy bass lines. He doesn’t care where you’ve been or where you are or even who you are, all he cares about is where your going and where he’s going to take you.

For all risky players, step down into the hideout and take part in the most penultimate Mexican stand-off that jumpin’ jack flash ever did seen. First ticket drawn from the gun-holster wins. Booty includes a variety of nefarious objects fliched and snatched by the crew.

-Live cave paintings and projections throughout the night by local neanderthals can be examined by all Indiana Jonsers in need of a fix. Face painting and body painting will be available for those running from the fuzz, or otherwise in need of disguise.

-Burgs and Dawgs will be available all day and night through humble contribution to the cooky. Vegan Regan options available for the dazed and confused.


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