Stickin’ To The Plan

Here I am still working on my walking stick. Why I ever picked up that gnarly tree branch lying at the side of the road is a mystery, and its been over a year since I began, peeling away the bark, hacking off all its little arms and legs, carving down through the soft green living skin and into the hard interior, where my pocket knife has left thousands and thousands of little knicks. The best things in life are the ones you fight the hardest for, thats one thing I am sure of, and I am satisfied with the progress I’ve made on this, an extension of my body that will help me through the unknown forest of my mind. Aaron in the meantime has been fiddling around with his GoPro, a handy little camera which I’m hoping he will have taped to his forehead for the majority of our walk.

Preparations for our walkAbility have been blossoming at a rapid rate, which is good because the trees are really struggling, but anyway the bright spring sun is more like a supernova after what has been coined “The Winter From Hell.” Bravo, Halifax, we made it, and our creativity can explode outward as it does each year in this short Canadian summer.

Aaron and I had the pleasure of meeting Jack from Halifolks the other week, who took an absolutely stunning photo while we were joking around under what I believe was a sycamore, that little tree in The Commons. That really blew the whole thing up for us and suddenly everyone is shaking my hand, and more importantly, becoming acquainted with reachAbility. I’m really glad to be digging into this beautiful town, and spreading the good word for Tova and her crew, without whose belief in our potential ability, we would not be doing this thing.

  • halifoks

Our itinerary is still a thing in the making, of course, and who knows what kind of shenanigans we will get up to along the way, but we’ve designed a simple map of the plan so far, with some of the exciting places we plan to see.
Check this out!


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