What walk?

What was once an idea is now a palpable thing. And I can finally get my feet on the ground. Here it is.

My partner Aaron and I are going to walk from our home on the sea in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to the homes of our families in southern Ontario. In total, roughly 1600 kilometres of lakes and forest along the Trans Canada Trail (with a couple miles through the rivers of Maine, for discrepancy). It sounds a little crazy, and there’s been more than a few strange looks from the Folks, and general disbelief as we try to get our bearings on what it is we are going to do. A few months ago I was remembering all the adventures I got up to as a child, remembering, trying to grow up (21 now, unsuccessful), remembering suddenly the feeling of anything that I had before I learned what was viable acceptable to do as a human.

Then Aaron was sitting down for dinner telling a group of people about our idea. A friend’s grandmother asked him what we would be making the trip for. It hadn’t occurred to either of us that we could do this thing for something bigger than ourselves. Now we’re both pretty excited, and so are the members of reachAbility, who we are dedicating our mission towards. They are an NGO located in Halifax that works incredibly hard to create an inclusive space for individuals facing adversity, including ourselves. We want to return the favour. Check out their site! reachAbility

While we are out there enriching our lives, you can join our journey. We have a goal of raising 10,000 dollars for the organization, which will go towards disenfranchised youth. We will be updating this blog along the way. I’ll be writing soul baring entries (the name’s Jill), and Aaron will be taking stunning photos of the landscape. We are leaving July 1st, and are planning to be out there for six weeks, passing through six national parks, around a couple mountains, under many skies. Here’s to that!

If you want to help out Donate Here. It will put smiles on a lot of faces!


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